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An original jacquard knit that is warm and comfortable to wear. The elastic and soft knit fabric is perfect for the cold season. As it is made of 100% cotton, it does not tingle like wool knit, and it is safe for dogs with delicate skin.

We offer soft colors that are a little different from the regular zebra pattern, and are available in blue and beige, which have a stylish and gentle feel.

About washing
When you wash the clothes in the washing machine at home, be sure to put them on a net and set it to the weakest course such as "Dry Course". It is recommended to wash it separately to avoid damage due to friction. Also, when you dry it, do not hang it on a hanger, but lay it flat to prevent it from stretching.

cotton 100%

◆Stretchability: Low ★★★★☆ High
◆Fabric Thickness: Thin ★★★★ Thickness

<Size> (cm)

(body size)
 (body size)
(product size)
S 33~38 51~56 32
M 37~42 54-59 34
L 41~46 58~62 36

*The neck and chest circumferences are the recommended body measurements, not the actual product measurements. Please measure your dog's body size. Please see the size guide for details.

It is  recommended to choose the exact size since the knit fabric gradually fit to the body as you wear and will become a little looser than the first time.

Model dog:
Neck 38cm / Chest 58cm / Back 39cm / Weight 11.6kg

[beige] Wearing size S ( fits snugly. No feeling of tightness. )
[blue] Wearing size M ( just the right size )

Click here for size guide

If you are concerned about the size, please contact us using the message bubble <CONTACT> at the bottom right of the screen.