About NeeNe

Dogs always speak to us with adorable gestures and facial expressions, even though they can't speak human language.
We named our brand "NeeNe" to aim to create clothes that make dogs comfortable and happy every day in response to their calls.
* “NeeNe” comes from a Japanese word "Ne-Ne-" which is used when calling someone, such as like the English word "hey hey".

NeeNe's Policy

Originally designed clothes by our team that fit the body shape of french bulldogs.
Original patterns by an experienced pattern designer.

We make the production background transparent by communicating directly with the factory and performing careful quality controls, so that we put it into practice the production of high-quality products.
By shipping directly from the factory, we reduce unnecessary costs and provide product value that exceeds the price.

We will continue to carry out activities to continue living happily with animals.