Ribbon Neck Cooler

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Ribbon-shaped neck cooler made of gingham check fabric and accented with small heart embroidery, which is perfect for a summer walk.

A thin aluminum sheet is sewn into the inside of the ribbon to enhance the cooling effect.

It is a simple single piece of cloth 95 cm long and easily adjustable. It is designed to be slightly longer so that dogs with thicker necks and large dogs can easily use it.

The 100% polyester, smooth fabric is light and weightless. The fabric is also knot resistant while being worn.

There are three pockets inside the ribbon to hold cooling agents.
This product includes 3 ice packs.

polyester 100%
(with aluminum sheet inside)

◆elasticity :  Nothing
◆Thickness of fabric: thin ★☆☆☆☆ thick


neck length width
FREE size 35~45 95 8

※Neck circumference are nude measurements, not actual product measurements. Please measure your dog's size.

around neck 39cm(cf. weight 11.7kg)

You can see Fitting guide from Here

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