WITH YOU Waffle Border Tanktop

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A matching dog wear with their owners.
T-shirts For dog owners

Multi-striped tank top made of soft and stretchy thermal (=waffle) fabric.

The fabric's unique bumpy surface allows for good air permeability, and its light and airy feel is also appealing.

It is a simple yet stylish item.

The gray cut and sewn part around the neck and cuffs is also very stretchy, so dogs can wear it without feeling constricted. The casual V-gusset stitching is also a design point. 
<fabric> cotton 100%

◆elasticity :  low  ★★★★★ high
◆thickness of fabric : thin ★★☆☆☆ thick

 |     |   neck    |  chest  |  back
 | S  | 32~40  |  50~57  | 28
 | M  | 34~42  |  54~60  | 30
 | L   | 36~44  |  56~62  | 32

Model [cream]
Neck 40cm/Chest 53cm/Back 39cm/Weight 10.2kg
wearing RED : S size IVORY : M size

Model [brindle]
Neck 38cm/Chest 59cm/Back 39cm/Weight 12.7kg
wearing RED : M size IVORY : M size

You can see Fitting guide from Here