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This Aran-pattern sweater combines several types of pattern knitting.
This item is perfect for your dog's winter fashion, with a soft and comfortable touch.

The knit fabric, knitted with a beautiful blue wool yarn with fine shading, has a slight sheen and a high quality feel.

It is made of a blend of wool, which has a fluffy natural texture and excellent warmth retention properties, nylon, which is extremely strong and lightweight, and acrylic, which is highly durable, in roughly equal proportions, making it easy to use and wash on a daily basis.

When you wash the clothes in the washing machine at home, be sure to put them on a net and set it to the weakest course such as "Dry Course". It is recommended to wash it separately to avoid damage due to friction. Also, when you dry it, do not hang it on a hanger, but lay it flat to prevent it from stretching.

wool 33% /  nylon 35% / acryl 32%

 |      |    Neck  |   Chest  |  Back 
 | S  | 32~39  | 52~58  | 30
 | M  | 36~43  | 56~62  | 32

*It is  recommended to choose the exact size since the knit fabric gradually fit to the body as you wear and will become a little looser than the first time.

*Some knit products may have a size difference of 1 to 1.5 cm depending on the item.

Model  wears M size
Neck 38cm/Chest 58cm/Back 39cm/Weight 11.7kg
You can see Fitting guide from Here

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